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By all accounts, Africa is the new frontier - a continent abundant with resources and business opportunities, but with just as many questions.

We at Communication Solutions Africa have those answers and those that we do not have we shall guarantee the utmost effort in finding them for you.

Comm Sol Africa is a consultancy firm based on the core belief that honesty, integrity, and fairness are the keys to creating great business relationships.

With no special interests served except those of the common good, together we can and will do great things. Let's Do Amazing!

Our Story

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Our Humble Beginnings (1998): We started our company in the United States and were fortunate enough to have gained experience and success.

Africa is Calling (2013): Hoping to make a difference; we began operations in Africa.

Transition to Full Service (2014): We started by targeting the communications sector in Ethiopia.

Phase Two Expansion (2015): We branched out to Ethiopian agriculture: farming and industry.

Giving Back (2018): With the accumulated experience and contacts, we started the PCS or Portable Classroom System. Our goal is to provide young people the ability to gain an education the right way.

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Our Highlight: PCS (Portable Classroom System)

Government Agencies

African government ministries, non-African governments, as well as donor agencies run by governments.


Private Investors

From small investors (Adopt A School Program) to SME's and large companies.

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A plethora of NGO's with interest in the focus of education, also associated with environment, family planning, etc.

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